The BoardMeeting was called toorder by JamesWatkins at 6:00pm. Roll call was taken. In attendance wase the following:
Jim Watkins Harry Lynch
Scott Becker
John Wainwright
Tim Hughes-by phone
John Rednour Jr-by phone Mike Moore
David Warchol
Duane Wells-by phone Cynthia Rush-by phone

Adam Celuch-Kolbeo (Web Site)
The web site was presented to the board.
Cynthia and Melody wil be having a meeting with Adam for final changes and to go live by next week October 30, 2023. The board agreed to add Lloyd Crueto and John Costello to the web site with theirbio’s. The board was al in agreement that the web site looks great.


The HBPA is donating their table in the Top of the Turf and paying for thedinner for the Treckin the Track on Saturday October 28, 2023.

Musial Awards
Mike Moore presented a video of the Musial Awards and ask if anyone was interested in going to the ceremony, he has 16 ticketsleft. The awards will be televised on Dec 24, 2023.

Harry Lynch made a motion toincrease the benevolence funeral expense to $2,000. Mike Moore seconded it. A vote was taken 10-0 in favor of the increase in future expenses.

Claiming Rule Change
Jim Wakins talked to Jim Miller about the change in the claiming rule. They change is fi you claim a horse you have to w a i t 75 days to run the horse at another track. The HBPA is fighting this change. There should be no restrictions on claiming horses.

Off Season Training
Jim Watkins discussed the upcoming off-season training. Melissa Helton said their rate will remain the same. There is an increase in Abbott. This should be less money because we have fewer off-season training days.

National HBPA Meeting
Jim Watkins wil attend the national HBPA meeting on Oct 25-27.

Kenny Janson Barn T

Kenny Janson made a complaint about the parting going on at the end ofbarn T. Security was called and the only thing wasloud music and card playing. Security checked on them every hour. Dan Mathis, head of security, said there was no drinking going on. Kenny Janson texted Jim Watkins on 2 occasions complaining about the activity going on at the barn and threatened Jim Watkins he would bring 10 people over to his barn. Jim Watkins said theymay need to have a sit down face toface meeting with Kenny Janson fi hecontinues to send text to Jim Watkins.


Melody Higdon presented the October 2023financial statements. Notingthat the Benevolence account was over budgeted because of the 2 horses Charlie Krueptransported. There were 3 billsfrom Uof.I Advertising and Marketing was over budgeted due to the purchase of30 HBPA hats of $650.00. Benevolence Activities were over budgeted by $ 2,360 which $ 2,950 was for
the DuQuion Fair. Benevolence-Funeral was over budgeted by $ 1,000. The HBPA gave Kyle Witthauer $ 1,000 towards John Witthauer funeral expense.

A recap of the DuQuion Fair waspresented by Melody Higdon. Total expense was $4,800.
There was an increase of $ 50 toeveryone since the gate crew had totake of 2dayssince the
fair was postponed. Last year’s expense was $ 5,300.

The results of the races were given to all board members.
Purse account was reviewed. Jim Watkins said that we should be at $ 250,000 in the positive by the end of the year.


Presidents Report
The stallion wards will be delayed due to the accounting department not getting the money distributed.

Activities Committee
November 1, 2023, on a Sunday the HBPA will have a Thanksgiving dinner for thehorsemen at 4:00pm in the black stallion room at FanDuel. The Golden Corral with cater the event for
$ 15.02 per person for 125 people. There will be a Christmas party for the horsemen in Dec 2023 with thesame caterer. There will be an open bar topurchase drinks.
The board decided that we will not have an HBPA awards banquet in 2023 and may revisit it in early 2024. Christmas presents will be purchased for the kids at the track.

Bylaw Committee
Jim Watkins said that there will be a change in the bylaws and will be addressed in the spring.

Lobbyist Report
John Costello reported that the 35 mile radius bill will be vetoed. There will be a dinner meeting with Jay Hoffman and a meeting with Dan Biser at the track. The 708 & 709 money was the first time delinquent and taken off the purse fund. John talked to Steve about the recapture percentage of the sportsbook that we should receive 5% of in and decrease on a sliding scale. John will present amonthly lobbyist report that will be posted on thenew website.

Attorney Report
Lloyd Crueto reported on was legal items are going on. The HISA fee case was settled and FanDuel is not to take it out of the HBPA purse fund. The lawsuit to reduce the testing and monitoring of the medication is still ongoing. Adecision in the 5th district will be handed down mid November and we will know where to go from there depending on what the discission is in the 5th district.
Tim Hughesmade a motion to adjourn the meeting at 7:15pm. David Warchol seconded it, and the meeting was adjourned.

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