Board Meeting was called to order by James Watkins at 6:02pm.  Roll call was taken.  In attendance wase the following:

Jim Watkins

Harry Lynch

Scott Becker

John Wainwright

Tim Hughes-by phone at 6:07pm

John Rednour Jr-by phone at 6:02pm

Mike Moore-in person at 6:26pm

David Warchol

Duane Wells

Cynthia Rush

Patti Macari at 65:07pm


Adam Celuch-Kolbeo (Web Site)

Cynthia Rush and Melody Higdon continue to work with Adam Celuch to get the website up and running within the next week.

HBPA Court Sept 28, 2023

The court date is set for September 28, 2023 at 9:00am.  Lloyd Cueto and Jim Watkins will go through the final review on Thursday Sept 28, 2023 at 8:00am.  Jim thinks that there will not be any continuance.


DuQuoin Races

DuQuoin races are set for Oct 5, 2023 Thursday with a 1:00pm post time.  Duane Wells made a motion to spend up to $ 4,000 for DuQuoin expenses such as, Gate Crew, Paddock Judge, Gate, Mark Cooper and Julie Mullins salary for organizing the event.  Tim Hughes seconded it.  A vote was taken in favor 11-0 to spend the money for the DeQuoin Races.  Dr McCrosky will be the on track vet.  It was noted by Jim Watkins that a green slip denotes the ICF and a yellow slip denotes the IF entries.  Jim Watkins talked to Tim Norman and Ruben Flannigan about the final purse amounts.  Melody Higdon will get the final conditions and distribute them to the horsemen.

Golf Cart Purchase

Cynthia Rush presented a purchase of a golf cart for the HBPA for transportation around the track for $ 5,200.  John Wainwright made a motion for the purchase and John Redhour, Jr seconded the motion.  A vote was taken by the board of directors in favor 11-0 to purchase a golf cart for the use of the HBPA committee.


Melody Higdon presented the September 2023 financial statements.  Noting that the Benevolence account was over budgeted because of the 2 horses Charlie Kruep transported.  September 2023 had a net income of $ 49,112 with DuQuoin bank balance at $ 182,655 and Regions at $ 8,768.

The Purse Report show balance of $ 833,174 and ADW balance of $ 19,525.  John Redhour, Jr to request a check from FanDuel on the 1st of every month.

Golf Tournament final number was a total expense of $ 2,067 with 84 participants this year.

Bio’s are still needed from Duane Wells, Tim Hughes and Harry Lynch.


Presidents Report

Jim Watkins reported on the IRB meeting in Chicago that took place on September 20-21 2023.  Dan Visor advised Melissa Helton that FanDuel needs to come up with an advertising campaign.  Hawthorne Race Track has decided to run on Sat and Sun of 2024 at 2:50pm and one day during the week due to construction for the casino.  It was discussed to move post time at Fairmont Park to 6:30 co inside with Hawthorne’s schedule.

Activities Committee

November 1, 2023 on a Sunday the HBPA will have a Thanksgiving dinner for the horsemen at 4:00pm in the black stallion room at FanDuel.  The Golden Corral with cater the event for            $ 15.02 per person for 125 people.  There will be a Christmas party for the horsemen in Dec 2023 with the same caterer.

The board decided that we will not have an HBPA awards banquet in 2023 and may revisit it in early 2024.

3 Current Employees

Melody Higdon will be hired as of Oct 1, 2023 with a pay increase to $ 47,000 plus $ 600 for medical insurance.

John Costello

Lloyd Cueto

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