Board Meeting was called to order by James Watkins at 6:00pm.  Role call was taken.  In attendance was the following:

Jim Watkins

Harry Lynch

Scott Becker

John Wainwright

Tim Hughes

John Rednour Jr-by phone

Mike Moore-by phone at 6:03 and in person at 6:21

David Warchol

Duane Well-by phone

Cynthia Rush-by phone at 7:07


Mark Wiemers-24 Frames

Melody Higdon and Mike Moore presented the sponsor grade level to the board.  Jim Watkins discussed the fact that if Fanduel does not improve their sound system then there is no point of having the ads.  The board agreed that we should hold off on this project until next year and get sponsors.  It was also discussed that we need to get together what kind of ads we will have before presenting it to sponsors.  Jim Watkins will be in charge of contacting the sponsors.

Adam Celuch-Kolbeo (Web-site)

Cynthia Rush and Melody Higdon continuing to work with Adam in getting the web site up and running.  The web site should go live with in 2 weeks.


Tim Hughes

The board discussed if Tim Hughes was eligible to stay on the board.  Tim hold a owners license but did not register with HISA.  Lloyd Cueto said that he was in good standing when he was elected.  Tim has not ran a horse in 30 races days of this meet.  Change were discussed that and was voted on by never finalized.  If someone files a protest against Tim remaining on the board for the rest of his term then we will have to send out ballots to at least 50 people with a 14 day notice and have majority vote of 75%.  At this time no protest has been signed.  In case this becomes an issues they would be a 10 day hearing.  Tim Hughes said he will not fight this and will resign if this becomes and issue.  Lloyd Cueto and Tim Hughes will meet on this issue.

National HBPA Executive Committee Meeting

Oct 25-26 is a National HBPA meeting in Lexington, KY that Jim Watkins would like to attend.  A motion was made by Mike Moore for Jim to attend the meeting.  David Warchol seconded it.  A vote was taken 10-0 in favor for Jim Watkins to attend with a budget of $ 700.  Jim will be driving and a two night stay will cost $ 318.

Cat Food Drive and Spading

Paulette Cigliano has been taking care of the stray cats on the track for the past 10 years.  Cost to spade is $ 60.  Paulette was going to ask if Fanduel would contribute to the cost of the upkeep of these cats.  She was requesting a trap and release for the cats.  Paulette feed and waters these cats everyday.  It was suggested that we set up a go fund me account.  Melody Higdon will set the go fund me account up.  We are going to promote donations in honor of Bob Barker.  Cynthia Rush made a motion that we contribute $ 500 as a donation.  Tim Hughes seconded the motion.  A vote was take 9-0 in favor of contributing to the cause.

Review 3 Employees

Melody Higdon was reviewed by the board.  Lloyd Cueto and John Costello contracts where reviewed by the board.

Financial Reports

The August 2023 financial report profit and lost was review.  Benevolence Activities were over budget by $ 1,000 due to the golf tournament in August but was budged in June.  Last year the tournament was in June.  Second quarter National dues was over budgeted by 2,558.  This expense was budgeted in a September because last years dues was paid late.  Payroll tax expense was over budgeted by $ 1,343.69 this expense should have been budgeted August but was paid last year in September.  Melody Higdon will contact Lauren at the National HBPA for a current list of the member so any non active member can be taken off the list.

Purse Report

The purse report was reviewed by the board of directors.  It was discussed the purse has raised in 2022 by 10% and in 2023 8%.  Next year they expect the purse fund to increase 10-15%.  HBPA purse account should be 500,000 in the good by November 18, 2023.  Jim Watkins will ask for a check of $ 80,000 from Fanduel in which $ 20,000 will go in the Regions operating account and $ 60,000 will go in the savings account in Dequion.

Board Member Bio

Melody Higdon ask for the board members to write a short bio of themselves to be posted on the website next to their photo.


Activities Committee

Golf Tournament

Golf tournament is on August 30, 2023.  Jim Watkins suggested that we give Mark Johnson a gift certificate for his work in organizing the tournament.  Melody Higdon will purchase a gift certificate for him.  The amount was not discussed but in the past it has been for $ 100 to a nice restaurant.

Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner

The board discussed that we should have a Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for the back side.  Melody Higdon will discuss possible date with Connie from Fanduel and location.  Christmas presents will be purchased for the children.  A calendar for 2024 will be put together by Melody Higdon and will bed given out to the horsemen at the Christmas dinner.

Awards Bouquet

An annual awards bouquet was discussed and decided upon to have again.  No date has been set but it was agreed upon it should be in early December.  Melody Higdon will organize the bouquet.


John Costello spoke about the 2 people who was getting indicted on January 25, 2024.  Robert Rita testified against them.  Gaming commission will be in vet session.  All bills will stay on file.


Lloyd Cueto spoke about the HISA payment injunction.  On Jan 8, 2023 a letter of intent was signed by both Fanduel, Melissa Henton and HBPA president, James Watkins.  The agreement was the annual HISA fees would be split out of the purse account.  In 2023 the fee has been taken out of the HBPA operations account. Fanduel has no legal rights to access these funds.  As of August 1, 2023 an emergency order of protection was file with Madison County to stop all funds from being taken from the operations account.  The first court appearance Melissa Henton disagreed and made a motion to dismiss the case.  Her motion was denied.  Next court date is set for September 28, 2023.  Lloyd spoke as if he thought we would win the case.  It is industry standards to take the funds out of the purse account and not the operations account.  Jim Watkins made 2 points that we are not going to let Fanduel walk over us and that if they continue to do thinks like this it will put the horsemen out of business.  On January 13, 2023 the annual contract was signed.


Jim Watkins discuss hiring Tim Maroon to work approximately 15 hours a week cutting trees and cleaning up the backside.  Jim will talk to Melissa about hiring him.

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