Board meeting was called to order by James Watkins at 6:00pm.  Role call was taken.  In attendance was the following:

Jim Watkins

Harry Lynch

Scott Becker

John Wainwright

Tim Hughes

John Rednour Jr

Mike Moore

David Warchol

Duane Wells

Cynthia Rush


OLD Business


Fencing is being for the time put on hold until some agreement to help fund the project with the HBPA and FanDuel is arranged.  No further discussion at this time.

Mark Wiemers-24 Frames

Jim Watkins appointed Melody Higdon to start putting together a sponsor list to help fund the informational ads.  Mike Moore will assist with putting together a contribution scale.  A motion was made by Cynthia Rush to get sponsors and seconded by Harry Lynch.  A verbal vote was take and all was in favor and moving forward with he project and get potential sponsors.  Suggested sponsor where Learch Properties, Track Side, Purina, Porters and local businesses.

Adam Celuch-Kolbeo (Web site)

The board was presented with the new logo.  The board agreed they like the new logo.  No new progress has been made on web site.  It was agreed that Melody Higdon would contact Adam Celuch about the progress of the web site.

HISA Purse Deduction

Lloyd Cueto was in attendance to discuss the two litigation subjects.  First the HISA withdraw money and second the Federal Injunction regarding medication and anti inflammatory medication.  Lloyd is applying for an emergency order of protection to prevent FanDuel from taking HISA money directly from the HBPA funds.  Lloyd will go before a judge on Thursday July 27, 2023.  Melissa Helton will be served the court order.  In reviewing the contract it was that FanDuel and HBPA would split the cost and not to take it from our recapture money.  If we win the suite we will only be trying to recapture the 2023 fees.  Lloyd will keep Jim Watkins up to date on all legal matters.  It was discussed what would be put into the law suite and to be advised by other HBPA and the IRB.  Political pulling money action committee was discussed in order to fund the at the Federal Level law suite.

Jockey Physicals

The RICF nurse invoiced the HBPA for all the jockey physicals.  Melody Higdon is to contact Paul Coronado about the RICF paying for the jockeys physicals if they will not they the HBPA will bill each jockey $ 100 for their physical.


VA National HBPA Meeting

Jim Watkins attended the National HBPA meeting in VA.  Jim gave a report on the litigation that was discussed at the meeting.


A motion was made by John Wainwright and seconded by John Rednour Jr. to donate $ 1,000 towards the cost of the t-shirt to be sold in a fund raiser on Saturday July 29, 2023.  A vote was take and 10-0 in favor of donating t-shirts.  Melody Higdon will purchase the t-shirts threw All Pro Tees.  The HBPA will donate 128 t-shirts.


July 2023 Balance Sheet & Income Statement

Melody Higdon presented the July 2023 financial statements and review expenses over budget.  The office supplies was over budged by $ 1,100 which Melody explained that 14 new conference chairs were purchased, 2 lobby chairs, 2 office chairs for Jim Watkins office and table for the lobby.  Other items purchased for the new office was a microwave, refrigerator, cork board and white board for the conference room.  $ 20,000 was transferred from the DeQuion State bank to Regions to cover July expenditures.  Benevolent was over budgeted by $ 1,600.  Charlie Kruep transported two horses.  His fees increased from $ 650 to $ 800 per horse.

2022 Audit

The completed 2022 Audit was given to all board member with financial statements.  The audit was clean but suggested meeting to be taken at the board meetings.  Since April 2023 Melody Higdon has taken minutes and board member where given minutes for all the board meetings since April.  The other item the auditors address was check and a written conflict of interest policy, written whistleblower policy and a written document retention and destruction policy.  Checks require two signatures.  All expenses over $ 250 is approved by the board of directors.  All expenses are approved by the finance committee.  The board feels that the policies in place is a safe guard against fraud.

Purse Report

They purse report was reviewed and discussed.



Jim Watkins discussed the possibility of long term vet problem.  Several vets at Fairmont Race Track are at retiring ages.  The possibility of vets not coming to the track could soon become a problem.  It was discussed that maybe they should recruit student graduating from college.  As of now FanDuel has 3 attending vets.


Jim Watkins discussed the possibility to clean up the back side.  Through away old broken equipment, paint outside of barns, clean barn areas and possibly putting sign up on horsemen’s barns.  Jim suggested that we promote this day and give money to the horsemen to help with this cost.  Jim also suggested having a BBQ for the horsemen that day.  Jim Watkins suggested    $ 2,000 to help fund this project.  Scott Becker made a motion for this project and Tim Hughes seconded it.  A vote was taken 10-0 in favor of a cleanup day.  No date has been decided upon.


Jim Watkins addressed concerns with the detention barn.  He discussed that there are too many horses in the barn at one time.  He discussed that horses should not share water buckets.

7/20/23 INCIDENT

On Thursday July 20, 2023 an overdose took place in the jockey room.  The person was resuscitated and ruled off the race track.


No meetings for the 2024 racing season has been set up.  Hawthorne said they were going to keep the Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday schedule which means FanDuel could keep their schedule of Tuesday/Saturday schedule.


The HBPA moved into their new office on July 14, 2023.  Scott Beckers workers help with the move.  There was a ribbon cutting on July 17, 2023 for the $ 700,000 building renovation.  Other improvements to come is renovating and building new barns on the back side.



The annual golf tournament is scheduled for August 30, 2023 at Arlington Golf Course.  Mark Johnson and Melody Higdon are working together on this project.  Melody Higdon was appointed by Jim Watkins to call for a caterer.  Melody Higdon will put together bags for the golfers.  Mark Johnson will gather prizes for the tournament and organize the event.



The kitchen is still not open.  Melody Higdon was appointed to contact FanDuel to see if the bathrooms could be unlocked for the horsemen.  Vending machines was discussed if they could put them in the kitchen for when the kitchen is not open.


Jim Watkins suggested races to be honor some of the older and retired horsemen.  This is for the people who have helped the organization.  $ 75 per race and the board agreed that this is a good cause.

There was a motion by John Rednour Jr to adjourn the meeting and it was seconded by Tim Hughes.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:38pm.

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