February 2022 Board of Directors Meeting Notes

ILHBPA Board of Directors
Meeting Notes – Tuesday, February 15

Dale Holtman, Accountant from Scheffel-Boyle, presented the 2020 Audit to the directors. Finances are in order and all recommended changes from 2019 audit notes have been updated as requested. The 2020 Audit is available for review in the HBPA Office.

A purse account status report was given. As of January 31, 2022 we are $82,000 to the positive. This figure represents the best position the purse account has been in for many, many years.

2022 Election. We are on schedule for a July/August election and a late April nomination meeting. The board approved the nominating committee and the election committee.

Activities chair, Kevin Wilborn, informed the board that the committee would like to have the following events in 2022:

  • Annual Golf Tournament
  • Bowling Night
  • Cardinal Game
  • Continue Clean Barn & Groom of the week awards.
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