Highlights from the Monthly HBPA Board of Directors July 2021

Highlights from the Monthly HBPA Board of Directors July 2021

One official vote was taken, that was to elect Kevin Wilborn as the vice president of the Association.

The casino update was given, permanent license has been granted by the Illinois Gaming Board. Next step, construction plans to be approved by the gaming board. If things go as planned, we should have a casino functioning by the start of the Race Meet 2022.

Possible race dates for 2022 were discussed and an off-season training possibility were discussed. Racing dates will be finalized Proposed changes to the bylaw were discussed. The St. Louis Derby is scheduled for August 28th. The HBPA will be honoring long-time announcer John Scully that night as well.

August 14th will be an Armed Forces/First Responder Night.

The HBPA Lobbyist John Costello gave his update and report on legislative issues, concerns, and plans.

HBPA attorney Lloyd Cueto discussed proposed changes to the HBPA bylaws.

Secretary Treasurer Alyssa Randell gave the office update.

The ILHBPA has been notified by the Dept of Agriculture that the DuQuoin Fair will occur September 13th and purse money will increase from 75k to 130k.

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