Board meeting was called to order by James Watkins at 6:05pm.  Role call was taken.  In attendance was the following:.

James Watkins

Harry Lynch

Scott Becker

Mike Moore

David Warchol

Patti Marcari

Cynthia Rush

John Wainwright by phone

Tim Hughes by phone

John Rednour Jr by phone

Duane Wells by phone at 6:52







James Watkins said that he spoke to Melissa Helton and she was not interested in help with funding from FanDuel.  It was discussed the need for the new fencing for safety reason but as for now that is on hold and will be addressed at another time.

Mark Wiemers-24 Frames

It was suggested that we get sponsors from outside source such as Purina, Learch Properties, 1818 Chophouse and local business.  John Costello said that he had a 6K video camera that we can use to make our own videos.  He is going to talk to his partner about doing this project for free.  FanDuel is not interested in helping fund this project.


ADAM Celuch-Kolbeo (Web Site)

Adam provided the board with several logos and Cynthia Rush provided the board with what direction she was thinking about for the logo.  There has been no progress on the web site at this time.  A vote was taken for which option of the logo we want to go with.  Option 1 being Adams logo and Option 2 being Cynthia logo.  The board voted 9-1 in favor of Option 2.  Mike Moore was the only one that voted for Option 1.  Mike volunteered to contact Adam to have him revised the logo.


Head Shots of the Board of Directors

Paulette Cigliana came to the board meeting and took head shots of the board meeting who was in attendance.  These are to be used for the web site.



Greentree Audio/Video

Melody Higdon got a quote of .67 per negative from Greentree.  The board decided this is a big project that will be handled at a future date.  The negative and disk will be stored in the new building in the storage room until future notice on this project.



James Watkins discuss the advantages of the RHSA bill and how it effects the horsemen.  It is in Jerry Costello office and he promised that he would review it.  This is an alternative to HISA.  James Watkins meet this week with several people on this issue.  People are encouraged to reach out to Dike Durbin’s office in support of this bill.

No Contest Race

Nothing was discuss about this issue.

HISA Purse Deduction

FanDuel has been taking HISA payments out of the HBPA funds.  The board discussed that this is not done at any other race track.  The reason this was started was because last year the short fall of purse account and it was decided to be taken out of the HBPA fund only when needed.  Lloyd Cueto discuss the contact between FanDuel and HBPA on this subject which he said clearly states that only when needed.  Lloyd Cueto is to send a letter to Melissa Helton discussing this issue.  A vote was taken for Lloyd to draw up letter to stop and cease the payment to be taken out of HBPA fund immediately  Lloyd with ask for 2023 payments to be refunded from FanDuel in the amount of $ 48,683.22.  Lloyd will get an HISA opinion on this issue.  A motion was made by Scott Becker to vote on the letter and Harry Lynch seconded it.  The vote was 11-0 in favor for Lloyd to move forward with the letter.  James Watkins said he will keep the board informed of the status of this situation.  James Watkins asked that the finance committee Dave Warchol, Cynthia Rush, John Rednour Jr to review weekly copies of the purse report.  Also he asked that Melody Higdon, Scott Becker and himself to receive copies of the purse report an review it weekly.


Race Date 2024 Conference Call

James Watkins suggested to have a conference call with Hawthorne Race Track to discuss race days for 2024.  This conference call will consist of 2 track and 2 horsemen groups.  John Costello said he would setup the conference call.

Dawn Martin Stall Cleanup

Dawn Martin was asked to clean up her barn area.  Dawn cleaned up her area and the maintenance went in and painted the stall that had blood on it.  Dawn is now ok.

Financial Reports

Melody Higdon discuss that we moved $ 20,000 from Du Quoin bank to Region to cover expense.  A sheet and income statement was presided for June 2023.  The only expenditures that was over budge was advertising and marketing which we paid $ 2,437.50 to Kolbeco for the work on the logo and website.  Benevolence was over budgeted by $2,875.75 which consisted of Charlie Kruep hauling and U of I autopsy.  A invoice for $ 2,087.88 was sent to Connie at FanDuel for their portion of this expense.  Benevolence-Activities was over budgeted by $1,850 which $ 1,800 was for HBPA hats.  2019 & 2020 audit finical statements was given out to the board.

Committee Reports

Activities Committee reminded the board of the upcoming events.  July 12, 2023 the horsing around at the bowling .  Cynthis Rush suggested that we advertise the event more.  The golf tournament is August 30, 2023.  2024 Calendars to be made at year end.  James Watkins suggested that we also get sponsors for the calendars.

Aftercare Committee said that Midnight Joe has been made ineligible to race anymore because of the past preferences.

Benevolence Committee asked for groom of the week.  Scott Becker suggested one of his grooms to receive the award.  The groom will be name later.

Additional Commits By the Board

Who own the trailer the HBPA office is in.  James Watkins said that FanDuel owns it and they are responsible for the removal of the trailer.  It was suggested by James Watkins that we take the Pete Condellone sign off the trailer and display it in the lobby of the new office since he is the founder of the HBPA.  Move in date is July 10, 2023 to the new office pending that all inspections are passed.  Grand opening will be July 17, 2023 at 12:00pm of the new building.  All board members and general assemble are asked to attend this event.  The kitchen will open following the ceremony.  James Watkins said he has discussed the possibility of an outside source taking over the kitchen.  He had approach Gary and Annie owners of Track side bar and grill if they have any interest in running the kitchen.  Scott Becker made a motion to donate        $ 1,000 to Jay Hoffman campaign.  Cynthia rush seconded the motion and a vote was  take 11-0 with all board members agreed to the donation.  John Costello ask that the check be personally handed to them at the event which is July 11, 2023.



Cynthia Rush made a motion to adjourn the meeting and the board seconded the motion.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:02pm.

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