Board meeting was called to order by James Watkins at 6:02pm.  Role call was taken.  In attendance was the following:

            James Watkins

            Harry Lynch

John Wainwright

Mike Moore

David Warchol

Patti Macari at 6:11pm

Cynthia Rush

Tim Hughes by phone at 6:11pm

John Rednour Jr by phone

Duane Wells by phone




James Watkins talked about needing some new fencing for safety reason.  Scott Becker will be getting some bids.  Cost should be around $ 10,000-$ 12,000 which James Watkins will be asking Melissa Helton to split the cost.  James Watkins to go forward and getting funding from Fanduel and get started with the project.

Video Ads

Mark Wiemer from 24-Frames had previously gave a presentation on video ads.  The board is willing to move forward with this project.  James Watkins has discussed this project with Melissa Helton of Fanduel and she is also willing to split the cost of this project.  Project should cost around $ 12,000-$ 15,000 each.  Mike Moore asked that we get other bids on this project.


Adam Celuch from Inlandesign gave a presentation on an additional logo and future web site changes. Adam said the website will take 3 phases to complete which should approximately take 1 month.  Melody Higdon and Cynthia Rush was designated to head up this project.  Benevolent form will be uploaded so the horsemen can go on line and file a claim.  Zoom call is set for Friday June 9 with Adam, Melody and  Cynthia.


Board meetings are to be setup the 4th Monday of every month.  The following meetings are setup for the remained of 2023:

June 26

July 24

August 28

September 25

October 23

November 27

December (no meeting)


James Watkins presented on behalf of John Costello on the 2 bills that got passed.

  • Illinois Racing Board funds 5.1 m in bill
  • 2 twin spires
  • 708/709 550 k plus more money for fairgrounds racing
  • Killed 6 bills that we got no revenue for purses
  • Multiple meeting with legislators about recapture
  • Leadership will be coming into town to visit track
  • Veto session Nov/Dec
  • Additional funding my be available if the track does not start the casino

Board discussed John Costello job description.  Board would like a contract drawn up on Johns job description.  Tim Hughes also had several questions he will address with John via telephone conversation.

Tim Hughes is requesting TVG and Twin Spire contracts with Fanduel.  Melody Higdon with get copies of those contracts from Connie Reames and distribute copies of them at the next board meeting.


Presented by Melody Higdon was a final 2022 Balance sheet and Income statement.  Financial statements for Jan-May 2023 was distributed.  A copy of the 2023 budget presented to the board. Melody has forwarded all bank statements and bank reconciliations to Julie Billeter from Scheffel-Boyle for the 2022 audit.  2021 audit is completed but a final review has not been completed and signed off on.  Julie does not want to start the 2022 audit until the 2021 is signed off on.  There was a review of the purse fund report showing a balance of $ 398,765 in fund.


The only report presented was the activities committee has planned a bowling night out scheduled for July 12, 2023 at 6:00 pm at Camelot Bowl for all the horseman.  Cost for 3 games and shoes is $ 15 per person.  Drinks and Food is available for people to purchase.

At 7:43pm James Watkins asked to adjourn the meeting.  Cynthia Rush agreed and John Wainwright second the motion.  There was no apposing to end the meeting.

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