Veto Session Over

December 5th, 2012 | written by Lanny Brooks

The six day veto session started slow and then went down hill from there. First of all the six days turned out to be only four and none of the major issues were addressed. The biggest impact on horseracing was that the A.D.W. law was not extended and will expire on December 31. We passed the bill with a super majority vote in the Senate, but it was not called for a vote in the House. Hopefully this will only be a temporary setback because we expect to extend the sunset date when the General Assembly returns in early January. We are also very hopefull that a major gaming bill will become law during the January period which ends on January 9. We will have to pass the bill by the 8th and send it to the Governor. The Senate comes back on the 2nd. and the House on the 3rd.

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