Attention Horsemen

July 25th, 2016 | written by Pete Scalcione

Dear Horsemen,

Jim Miller from Hawthorne was here Saturday Night, he brought stall applications for anyone wanting to run there following this meet.  I have the applications in the HBPA office if you need one.  In addition, this year Hawthorne will give dorm rooms to trainers who are stalled there, that is a tremendous help.  A big thanks to our friends up north !!!


Pete Scalcione


July 21st, 2016 | written by Pete Scalcione


Dear Horsemen,

Over the past few weeks there have been many rumors circulating on the backside, we would like to address them and keep everyone up to date.

First, it is very important for everyone to know that neither track ownership or management has come to us and made any offers or proposals concerning this winter or next year whatsoever, there have been no numbers given to us with respect to anything.

There has only been one meeting to date between the ILHBPA and track management, that meeting was this past Thursday, July 14th.  During this meeting there were no proposals or offers made from or by either party, the meeting was conversational only.  We made it very clear to management that we could not afford to pay last years stall rents of $ 1.485 million dollars and still have the funds available to run a meet in 2017.  In addition we also made it very clear that we could not afford to pay these types of stall rents this winter or in the future.  When the meeting concluded we were told that management would confer with ownership and get back to us, to date we have not heard back on any topic.  As soon as we do, we will let everyone know what we know.

Also, I have heard from a few that there is talk about the possibility of bringing in video poker and historical racing machines instead of waiting on a gaming bill.  At this time I will tell all that this topic is being discussed and this is a possibility.  There is a slight chance of this happening, but in order to make it so there are many people who would need to be on board, this includes all Illinois tracks as well as all horsemen groups.  Currently it is conversation, once and if it becomes a real possibility I will let everyone know the details.

As more information becomes available and more develops, we will post here for everyone.


Pete Scalcione, Secretary Treasurer ILHBPA

ILHBPA Social Event – Horsemen’s Unity Party

July 16th, 2016 | written by Pete Scalcione

ILHBPA SOCIAL EVENT  –  Horsemen’s  Unity Party.  Please join us!!!  Sunday, July 31st,  4:00-10:00, dinner at 6:00.  Collinsville Knights of Columbus,  Route 157. Food, beer and music provided with cash bar for mixed drinks.  All HBPA members and licensees welcome with one invited guest each (including trainers, owners, grooms, exercise riders and jockeys).

July 11th, 2016 | written by Pete Scalcione

Dear Horsemen,

Please be advised that we have now moved the HBPA office up to its original spot, the HBPA trailer behind the license office. Startng tomorrow, Tuesday July 12th this is where you can pick up programs as well as overnights.

Pete Scalcione

Attention Horsemen !!!

July 7th, 2016 | written by Pete Scalcione

Dear Horsemen,

A few quick updates.  First, please be advised that we are currently passing out the number vests for each race when your horse arrives at the paddock, if all goes smoothly we will continue to do it this way.

In addition we have decided to move the HBPA office back to its original site, in the HBPA trailer located behind the license/stewards office, we should have the move complete sometime early next week.

Also it is important for everyone to know that as of this date there has not been any change or other decisions made about vacating the grounds once the meet has concluded, as things currently stand we will be leaving a couple weeks after the meet ends.  In the event there is any change to this we will let you know ASAP.


Eddie Essenpreis, President ILHBPA


June 23rd, 2016 | written by Lanny Brooks

Dear Horsemen,

As everyone knows we had a General Membership meeting on Tuesday, June 21st. In the event you weren’t able to attend, the summary of the meeting is as follows.

We will be racing the full meet as originally scheduled with no loss of dates or purse reductions. It is important to note that our purse account will be negative and Fairmount has agreed to fund the account so we can finish the meet, these funds will be repaid as our purse account replenishes itself in the months following the conclusion of the meet.

Secondly, as everyone knows we can no longer pay winter stall rents in order to remain at the track and train through the winter, the funds are just not there to make this happen. We currently owe and must pay last years stall rents beginning in January. In order to race in 2017 we must eliminate any and all expenses in order to generate income to pay our past stall rent bill and fund our purse account. This is going to be a very difficult task and it will take some creative planning as well as sacrifices from the horsemen. Due to this all horsemen will be asked to vacate the track immediately following the conclusion of the meet, at this time we believe we will have around two weeks to ship out, once I am sure of the exact time table I will let all know. Over the next few months we will be working with management and ownership in order to find a way to make 2017 work for the horsemen and Fairmount Park.. As things progress and as we begin to figure out what we can do, we will post here and in the HBPA office.

Lastly, as mentioned Fairmount Park has agreed to fund our purse account in order to finish the meet, clearly as horsemen we appreciate this gesture of good faith, this was done in order to help the horsemen finish the meet and keep racing going here at Fairmount. In addition management/ownership has indicated that they want live racing to continue well into the future, this includes 2017, 2018 and beyond. We want them to know that we appreciate this effort as it helps everyone associated with racing at Fairmount as well as all of Illinois. We must keep in mind that everyone must work together in order to create a successful and mutually beneficial relationship for the future, hopefully we can all have a good finish to this meet and make 2017 better.


Eddie Essenpreis, President, ILHBPA



June 17th, 2016 | written by Lanny Brooks

Attention horsemen! There will be a general membership meeting on Tuesday June 21st. at 6 pm in the trainers section of the grandstand.

Attention Horsemen!!!

June 16th, 2016 | written by Lanny Brooks

Dear Horsemen,

Yesterday, 6/15/2016 it was brought to my attention that Fairmount Park, Inc. has made a request to the Illinois Racing Board asking to vacate a portion of our racing dates for this meet. You can go the Illinois Racing Board website and view the agenda for their upcoming board meeting on June 28th, 2016, there you will see this request, it is item # 4.Once this was verified I immediately contacted Fairmount’s Brian Zander in order to find out why this request was made and what the situation is. I was informed by Mr. Zander that due to a lack of funds in the horsemen purse account we could not continue the meet beyond 7/16/2016.  Mr.Zander will be attending our board meeting on Saturday, June 18th to explain the entire situation and give us Fairmount’s option and or plan.Please be advised that following Saturday’s board meeting we will then call a General Membership meeting for all horsemen to attend, we will give everyone the details and the options that Fairmount presents us with, we will make no decisions without the input of the entire membership, we are all in this together and we should all be involved in any decisions that are as important as this appears to be.I will post the General Membership meeting date as soon as I can. Sincerely,

Eddie EssenpreisPresident, ILHBPA


June 11th, 2016 | written by Lanny Brooks

Here are the results of the H.B.P.A. election which was held on Saturday June 11, 2016


Eddie Essenpreis

Owner/Directors                               Trainer/Directors

Bret Rosendohl                                       John Cox

Tom Basler                                               Jim Watkins

John Rednour                                          Charlie Mullins

Dan Ohallaron                                         Don Bentler

Dixie Harr                                                 Frank Randazzo


I.R.B. Medication Notice

June 11th, 2016 | written by Lanny Brooks