July 27th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks
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July 24, 2015
TO: All Illinois Licensed Trainers & Veterinarians FROM: Domenic DiCera, Executive Director
The newly approved medication rules will become effective August 1, 2015 and include the regulation of 16 additional therapeutic medications with threshold levels. Included are Acepromazine, Albuterol, Butorphanol, Clenbuterol, Dantrolene, Detomidine, Diclofenac, DMSO, Firocoxib, Glycopyrrolate, Lidocaine, Mepivacaine, Methocarbamol, Omeprazole, Procaine Penicillin, and Xylazine. The threshold levels and withdrawal guidelines were recommended by the Racing Medication and Testing Consortium and adopted by the Association of Racing Commissioners International.

The IRB recognizes that the use of corticosteroids in racehorses is controversial. However, when used responsibly, the medications can be beneficial. Accordingly, the IRB will implement a grace period to allow veterinarians time to adjust their veterinary practices and to allow trainers time to adjust their training practices. The thresholds levels for the following corticosteroids will become effective October 4, 2015.

Corticosteroid Recommended Withdrawal Guideline Betamethasone 7 days Dexamethasone 72 hours Isoflupredone 7 days Prednisolone 48 hours Triamcinolone Acetonide 7 days
Important Note: Methylprednisolone will remain a prohibited substance with no threshold level.
If a laboratory finding in your horse following a race indicates the presence of any of the
therapeutic medications at a concentration that exceeds the threshold, you will be in violation of the IRB medication rules. 

The Board’s laboratory is phasing out ELISA screening and begun instrumental screening. Instrumental screening (GC-MS or LC-MS instrumentation) offers increased sensitivity by lowering limits of detection, as compared to ELISA.
Visit the IRB’s website for the RCI Controlled Therapeutic Medication Schedule

General Membership Meeting

July 25th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

The general membership meeting scheduled for Monday at 11 am in the grandstand is for Owners, Owner/Trainers and Trainers. Per our constitution and by-laws this is who the H.B.P.A. represents. Please bring your current I.R.B. license, as it will be checked against the current list that security personel will use to admit members to the meeting.

Attention Horsemen

July 20th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

The annual H.B.P.A. trip to Splash City for the families on the backstretch is coming soon. Please sign up in the office.

We have another load of free horse supplies coming. We will give a two day notice before we go pick it up.

Attention Horsemen

July 14th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

There will be a general membership meeting on Monday July 27th, in the Owner/Trainer section of the Grandstand at 11am.


July 9th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

Sorry to report that our President John Wainwright’s Mother has passed away. The thoughts of all John’s friends are with him and his Sister.

Attention Horsemen

July 8th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

Good Afternoon-The budget negotiation stalemate in Springfield continues. As a result, on Tuesday, a Cook County judge issued a ruling barring the Comptroller from paying all state employees full wages. Instead, the judge ruled that only some employees can be paid the federal minimum wage. Unfortunately, Racing Board employees are not part of this group. Under this court’s ruling, no state employees would be paid full wages.

If there were a shutdown, the impact to the industry at this point of the race season will be dramatic. We would not be able to regulate pari-mutuel wagering at the live race meet, ADW platform or simulcast locations.

This is strikingly similar to the 2011 Minnesota state government shutdown. The shutdown was the result of a fiscal dispute that was not resolved by the deadline on June 30. The shutdown started at midnight on July 1, and ended after a budget bill was passed and signed on July 20.

During the shutdown all less important parts of the state government, that were not identified as critical services before the shutdown or in several court cases, suspended their operations. Including the regulation of racing.

According to an email we received last night, the Administration has filed an expedited appeal in the First District Appellate Court seeking to overturn the order issued yesterday in Cook County. Additionally, a separate legal effort filed in St. Clair County is ongoing, and the Administration expects movement on that case later in the week.

Additionally, the Administration is currently drafting legislation that will make state employee pay a continuing appropriation for the fiscal year, guaranteeing wages paid. Legislators are already guaranteed their pay under continuing appropriations. The legislation will be introduced by Leader Durkin and Leader Radogno as soon as it is ready..

There are minute to minute changes on this issue and when details become available we will communicate them. Under this cover of uncertainty and until such time a decision is made the staff continues to manage the day today issues. Obviously, if any of these measures are successful during the next couple of days we should not expect any interruption.

Feel free to contact me should you have any additional concerns.


Domenic DiCera

Executive Director


July 2nd, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

The track will be closed for training the next two Wednesdays July 8th. and 15th. in order to add material to the surface.


June 19th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

I’ve just been informed by Lori that entries will be taken tomorrow  (Saturday) for Tuesday.

Due to track conditions racing is cancelled for tonight Friday June 19. We will resume racing tomorrow night.

Friday races 3 through 7 are back as extras for Tuesday.


June 13th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks


Effective immediately: Horses may be allowed to start in a claiming race without foal papers being on file if the provided request form is properly submitted and all conditions listed on form are agreed to and if approved by the Stewards prior to start.

This policy will be strictly adhered to and if not properly submitted and approved, the horse will not be allowed to start.

Permission forms are available in the H.B.P.A. office.

Racing Board Meeting

May 15th, 2015 | written by Lanny Brooks

The May I.R.B. meeting will be held next Tuesday at Fairmount Park. It will convene at 10:30 in the Top Of The Turf.  This is a unique opportunity to see how the Board functions in person. There are several very important issues on the agenda this month, so I urge everyone to attend. The meeting is open to the public, but seating is limited.