Horsemen: Time to be depressed is over!

August 29th, 2012 | written by Lanny Brooks

I know that all people associated with horse racing are down after hearing the news of the veto yesterday. Actually we shouldn’t be. We knew going in that the Governor was not going to sign the bill, so it wasn’t a surprise. He actually did us a favor by doing something he refused to do before. He finally put in writing what his problems are with the bill. And slots at tracks were not mentioned one time. He really did us all a favor by energizing our group. Now we can take what he has said in writing and put a bill together in November that he must be in favor of. Will he not sign his own bill? We also have the option of an over ride, but I think we can put a bill together that will make it all the way this time. Again, by his veto action he has not only unified us, but also has the Mayor of Chicago fired up as well as the sponsors and other legislators. So, we’ve had our one day to be depressed and now it’s over. Starting today we use the information we’ve been given and we put together a plan that can’t fail. We have a large group of stakeholders that represent you. We haven’t given up and you shouldn’t either. We will get this thing done.

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