2019 Nomination Meeting
June 17, 2019 | 6:00pm | Fairmount Park Grandstand
6:15pm – Quorum Achieved

6:23pm – Mike Moore Motions to start the Nomination Meeting

6:25pm – Presidential Nominations Opened

                 Jim Watkins is Nominated by Tim Hughes, Seconded by Mike Moore and Maureen Moore

                 Pete Scalcione is Nominated by Scott Becker, Seconded by Mike Durham and John Cox

6:28pm - Motion to close presidential nominations - Passed

6:29pm – Board of Directors – Trainer Nominations Open:

                 John Rednour Jr is Nominated by Dan O’Hallaron, seconded by Tim Hughes and Don Bentler

                 Teddy Randazzo is nominated by Dan O’Hallaron, seconded by Jim Watkins and Dennis Hughes

                 John Cox is nominated by Pete Scalcione, seconded by Teddy Randazzo and Scott Becker

                 Don Bentler is nominated by John Rednour Jr, seconded by Tim Hughes and Mike Moore

                  Jim Watkins is nominated by Mike Moore, seconded by Don Bentler and Maureen Moore

                 Frank Randazzo is nominated by Terry Jansen, seconded by Tim Hughes and Teddy Randazzo

                 Scott Becker is nominated by Pete Scalcione, seconded by Tim Hughes and Frank Randazzo

                 Kevin Wilborn & Gerald Butler have been nominated previously by the nominating committee

6:36pm – Motion to Close – Passed

6:38pm – Board of Directors – Owner Nominations Open:

                  Terry Jansen is nominated by Jackie King, seconded by Frank Randazzo and John Cox

                  Christine Ellis is nominated by Dan O’Hallaron, Seconded by Dale Schmid and Tim Hughes

                  Mike Moore is nominated by Dan O’Hallaron, seconded by Jim Watkins and Eddie Essenpreis

                  Bret Rosendohl is nominated by Eddie Essenpreis, seconded by Mike Moore and Maureen Moore

                  Dan O’Hallaron is nominated by Tim Hughes, seconded by Mike Moore and John Rednour, Jr.

                  Tom Basler is nominated by John Cox, seconded by Jim Watkins and Tim Hughes

                  Nick Angelou is nominated by Jackie King, seconded by Frank Randazzo and Terry Jansen

                  Patti Macari, Jackie King, and Tim Hughes were previously nominated by the nominating committee.

6:42pm – Motion to Close – Passed

          Upon completion of voting Christine O’Hallaron [of the Election Committee] gave a brief explanation of the next steps in the election process, followed by an invitation for Lloyd Cueto [ILHBPA Lawyer] to talk about how ballots are received by an unaffiliated third-party company to receive, count, and keep ballots according to the guidelines set forth by the ILHBPA Bylaws.

Updates and election information are requested to be updated as soon as possible.

6:55pm – Maureen Moore motions to close the Nomination Meeting - Passed

Meeting Minutes 

General Membership Meeting
September 16, 2017

Meeting was called to order by President Eddie Essenpreis.
Overview of legislative actions by John Costello.   John pointed out to everyone that inside the informational brochures handed out by the HBPA there was a list of legislators that could be called in regards to any of the gambling bills.   There will be a veto session on October 24,25 and 26.  Also on November 7,8 & 9.  Mr. Costello urged any members who wanted to come to Springfield on October 25 for a Lobby Day.
Discussion on the 708/709 money.  The State has released the 708/709 money to the Dept. of Ag.   We are trying to nail down the exact dollar amount that is to be released.  Eddie will be attending a meeting in Springfield on the 27th of September for the Advisory Board.   The advisory board will determine how the money is to be split between the 3 tracks.   This money will have to be used in the this fiscal year – or prior to June 30, 2018.   The money is to be used for Illinois horses only.  A number of questions were raised by members in regards to the money.   Eddie and Dixie have a meeting with Brian Zanders next week and hope to get more clarification.   Updates will be posted on the website
Members asked about last training day and dorm deposits.   These items and others will be brought to the meeting next week and posted as information comes in
Members were given an informational handbook,  with all pertinent phone numbers, social media information and text messaging information.   The HBPA office will be open during the winter months on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9:00 am to 2:00pm.  The land line telephone will be rolled to a cell phone and will either be answered or a message will be returned.  Any member needing assistance on a Saturday or an evening, please contact Dixie and arrangements can be made

Mike and Sis Plasters were the big winners of the Gift Basket.  Congratulations!
August 23, 2017
Meeting Minutes
ILHBPA Membership Meeting
August 23, 2017
The General Membership Meeting was called to order by President,  Eddie Essenpreis
John Costello gave an overview of all actions happening in regards to Legislative Issues in Illinois.   The floor was then open for questions regarding legislation
Discussion on the Backside being closed for winter training
          Backside must be completely vacated by October 2.
You may keep belongings in the tack rooms that do not have hot water heaters
          All wood barns must be completely cleaned out.   You can be relocated to a
          Block barn if you want to keep a tack room.
          You may leave walkers.  However,  most are taking the motors. 
          There will be minimal security and the gates will be locked during the down time
          If you have a need to get into your barn,  contact Roger or MJ and make
          Arrangements.  The HBPA office will be open during winter months. 
          Set times for the office will be posted closer to the first of October.
          Fairmount Park is asking that any cats that have been pets to be
          Taken with you.   There will be some sort of rescue service for any feral cats.
The floor was open to questions from the members. 
          There are a number of things that we do not know yet,  however,  as
          Information comes in, we will pass along.
Discussion on the Paddock Sale
          September 24, 2017 @ 12 noon.  Will be limited to entries by HBPA Members
          $500.00 Minimum Bid
Discussion regarding updated website.  Asked for any input from members as to what they would like to see and what would be beneficial.