How Your Legislators Voted

June 2nd, 2012 | written by Lanny Brooks

I thought it would be useful to see how downstate legislators voted on the gaming bill. Keep in mind these are legislators from the Bloomington/Decater area and reaching all the way to extreme Southern Illinois. If you live in these members areas you should call them and ask them why they didn’t support you and your jobs if they voted no.

S.B. 1849 (Senators) Bomke-Yes  Clayborne-No  Forby-Present  Haine-Yes  Jacobs-No  Luechtefeld-Yes  McCann-No  McCarter-No  Righter-No  Sullivan-Yes

S.B 1849 (Representatives) Beiser-Yes  Bost-No  Bradley-No  Brady-Yes  Brauer-Yes  Brown-Yes  Cavaletto-No  Costello-No  Evans-No  Halbrook-No  Hays-Yes  Jackson-No  Jacobson-Yes  Kay-No  Phelps-No  Poe-Yes  Reis-No  Rose-Yes Rosenthal No

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