The H.B.P.A. provides a free listing for trainers and or owners to assist them in placing horses that are leaving the racetrack.

We do not and will not accept donations. The H.B.P.A. cannot guarantee the accuracy or reliability of the descriptions of horses in these listings.

Potential buyers and sellers should verify all information prior to transfer of ownership.

The H.B.P.A. does not guarantee the soundness of the horses in the listings.

The H.B.P.A. does not screen prospective buyers and has no involvement in the buyer/seller transactions conducted due to these listings.

Any communication to the H.B.P.A. by prospective buyers will be forwarded to the seller.

Please remember that these people are very busy. It is strongly suggested that prospective buyers contact the seller before making a trip to see the horses.

This assures that the horse is still available and that somebody will be there to show the horse.