Governor’s Brunch and State Fair

August 15th, 2012 | written by Lanny Brooks

Attended the Governor’s brunch today in Springfield.Had a chance to speak with him briefly about the gaming bill. He said that his focus was on the special session Friday addressing pension reform, but that he was well aware of the deadline for taking action on the gaming bill which is a week from Tuesday the 28th. When I ask him where he stands on it he replied that he would be working on it. What does that mean? Well I saw several other legislators as well today and the opinions are as varied as yours and mine. So, don’t expect a decision until close to the deadline and please continue to call and send letters to the Governor. I told him again today how important this is to us and he seemed receptive to what I said. So let’s keep sending him the message until the 28th. We have 13 days. Let’s use them all.

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