Final Days

May 25th, 2012 | written by Lanny Brooks

The spring session will come to an end next Thursday May 31. There were four major things that had to be done before that date. Medicaid, Pension reform, gaming and passing a budget. All of these were very difficult issues to get an agreement on. So here is where we stand. The medicaid issue has been passed in both chambers and has been sent to the Governor who has indicated he will sign the bill. Pension reform is being debated and will be passed in the next few days. Gaming passed easily in the House and will be called for a vote on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday. And then by law, a balanced budget will be passed followed by adjournment. So back to gaming. We feel that we have a veto proof majority of votes in the House. That means that we have this weekend to contact Senators and assure that we have the same veto proof amount (36) in the Senate. This is the closest we have ever been to changing Illinois racing forever. We all must make it our number one priority this weekend and Monday morning to contact certain Senators. Some of them are Senators John O. Jones, Senator Gary Forby, Senator Sue Rezin and a few others. Starting tomorrow the names and numbers will be available in the H.B.P.A. office and on this website. Most of the work has been done, but the most important part begins now. We need a full court press from everyone. Let’s do this.

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