Meet Your ILHBPA Board of Directors
  1. President Watkins
    Jim Watkins
    President of the ILHBPA Owner/Trainer at JW Thoroughbreds Aftercare Committee Chair
  2. Dan O'Hallaron
    Vice President Owner/Trainer at O'Hallaron Racing Stables Finance Committee Chair Bylaws Committee Member
  3. Tim Hughes
    Owner/Trainer Bylaws Committee Chairperson Aftercare Committee Member
  4. Patti Macari
    Thoroughbred Owner & Outrider Benevolence Committee Chairperson Backside Committee
  5. John Cox
    Owner/Trainer Condition Book Committee Chairman
  6. Frank Randazzo
    Owner/Trainer Benevolence Committee Activities Committee Backside Committee
  7. Kevin Wilborn
    Owner/Trainer at Wilborn Racing Stables Activities Committee Chairman Aftercare Committee
  8. Don Bentler
    Owner/Trainer Backside Committee Chairman
  9. Tom Basler
    Owner/Trainer Benevolence Committee Activities Committee
  10. John Rednour, Jr.
    Owner/Trainer Condition Book Committee Finance Committee