Big Day For Illinois Horse Racing!

January 30th, 2014 | written by Lanny Brooks

First, thanks to the overwhelming support by Fairmount horsemen, union workers and employees shown at the town hall meeting on Tuesday. Although this wasn’t an official committee hearing, it showed the legislators that the horsemen and workers at Fairmount are here to stay. I spoke with them today and they were all impressed with the turnout.

Great news for all who have horses and work in any capacity at Fairmount and all Illinois horsemen and tracks. We were successful in passing the Advance Deposit Wagering bill today getting 47 yes votes in the Senate (30 needed) and 95 in the House (60 needed). The Governor has already signed the bill into law. Amazing when you think about it. The Senate convened at 11 am this morning, passed the bill and sent it to the House. Following the Governor’s State Of The State speech Speaker Madigan called the bill and it was passed at about 12:52 pm and sent to the Governor. He signed it this afternoon and it became law for the next three years. Now that’s what I call excellent time management. All racing dates will now proceed under scenario one. Congratulations to us all.

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