Attention Everyone !!!

May 27th, 2017 | written by ILHBPA Board

Attention !!! Attention !!!! Attention !!!

Legislative Update !!!

As everyone knows we have been trying to pass some type of gaming bill for years in order to keep Fairmount Racing going. Folks this may be the final curtain call, without some type of gaming revenue this may be the last season of racing at Fairmount as we know it. We need EVERYONE to help, at this time we ask you to share this post with everyone on the planet and make it go as viral as possible, we need everyone in the state and anywhere else in the country to help us get our legislation passed. We need to let the legislators know that there are thousands of people in this state who want gaming at Fairmount and who want racing to continue.

We need EVERYONE who see’s this post to follow the directions below and file a witness slip with the legislators in SUPPORT of either of our gaming bills.

We currently have 2 bills in the legislature that will be called to committee this Monday morning at 9:00 a.m., the first is SB 7 which is the big gaming bill, the second is HB 2877 which would allow Video Gaming Terminals at Fairmount (the same machines as all the bars have). We would like to have the big gaming bill, but we can live with the VGT’s, so PLEASE follow the directions below and file a witness slip in SUPPORT of both bills.

Folks, this is our last shot at this for the year, we MUST get their attention NOW. Please help us get the job DONE !!!

If EVERYONE who reads this files a witness slip in support of our bills, WE HAVE A CHANCE !!!

If you follow the directions below you should be able to get it done, I think I have it all correct, it is kind of complicated but once your in their system you can figure it out if you work at it a bit.

1. Go to
2. Under Reports & Inquiry you will see in red, GA Dashboard, click that.
3. You will now be on ILGA Dashboard Page, on left side of page you will click REGISTER.
4. Fill out info on create new account page, just your e-mail address and password is all they request, accept terms and click register.
5. You will then be sent an email for verification, open your e-mail, click the link to verify, it will then take you to page that says you are verified, click log on.
6. You will now be on the witness slip page, on left side of page click HOUSE, from the drop down menu click Committee Hearings, under Scheduled House Committee Hearings click week, then scroll down to 5/29/2017 hearings and find Gaming Subcommittee which is scheduled at 9:01 AM in Room 118, move your pointer to right side of page and hold over box (it will say view hearing details, click it.) it will take you to hearings for that committee, you will see the first hearing is HB 2877 Jay Hoffmann Video Gaming-Tracks/OTB, to the right you will see 2 boxes, hold your pointer over second box and it will say create witness slip, click that. Now fill out the details, name, address etc., in space where it says Firm, Business or agency leave blank, Section II where is says representing put SELF. Section III. Click on PROPONENT, next line click on Record of Appearance only, then click CREATE WITNESS SLIP. Do exactly the same for SB 7, Rita Mayfield Gaming Various. Your Done !!!

Home page for the Illinois General Assembly

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