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JANUARY 14, 2020

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Stall List 2020

2020 Stall App

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Legislative Update: June 26, 2019​


Highlights from the New Gaming Bill
SB 690 HAM3, 816 pages

Guaranteed racing days, 700 races or 100 days at 7 races a day starting 2020, or 70 days at 10 races a day. 
Ends North and South agreement on outs money, gives FP the outs money. -New money 
Ends recapture the calendar year after licensee goes live. -New money 
Annual audit for HBPA and makes this audit available on HBPA web site.
-Submit to IRB, Clerk of the House, Secretary of the Senate 
Funds the HBPA, purses annually for operations, backstretch, backstretch programs. 
New positions defined, Fairmount Park can have up to 900 positions @ $17,500 per position. Can consist of a vgt, table game, slot, black jack ect.
Funds RICF at $1,000,000.
-New casinos and a standard track.
-Existing have 1200 positions currently and can go up to 2000 positions.
-Chicago can have up to 4000 positions in their new casino.

New track must be outside a 35-mile radius of Arlington and Hawthorne.

All existing casinos and race tracks can apply for a license, $3.2 million to $10 million application fee 
Venues over 17,000 can apply.
In 18 months 3 master licenses will be available for $20 million.
No Integrity fees for leagues.
No betting on IL college games. 
Sets up a central system for lottery to conduct wagering. 
15% State Tax on wagers. 
-May be allowed at Fairmount Park, but we are still seeking clarification on the rules. Percentages to purses will be worked out contractually with Fairmount Park-
Dept of Ag, 1.7 million to breeder’s fund, this will be an annual appropriation.
New budget funds gaming addicts at $6.8 million.

Governor Pritzker at Fairmount Park

Governor Pritzker, and an entourage of local Representatives, came to Fairmount Park on Tuesday July, 30 to watch the races, speak on the upcoming changes, and award the trophy to the winner of the 2nd race. 

We were honored to host the Governor at our track and look forward to the positive changes heading our way in the years to come. We're thankful to have been able to host the Governor and the local Representatives who have supported Fairmount Park. 

We look forward to seeing many more positive changes and happy faces here at Fairmount Park Race Track!

2019 Purse Structure Breakdown via Fairmount 


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Race Day!​​
Race day at Fairmount was pretty great for a happy jockey! ​​